Day tour to El Fayoum Pyramids from Cairo

Cairo, Egypt
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The best tour available around Fayoum City, as you will be able to travel from Cairo to Fayoum to visit some of Fayoum’s amazing historical pyramids. The tour’s start time is flexible, but usually the tour starts around 8 AM, takes a duration of seven hours. This private tour includes Pick-Up with our air-conditioned vehicles at your requested location, and Drop Off at your requested location. The tour also provides Entry Fees + Taxes Services, Tour Guides with an experience of 15+ years,
Lunch and a bottle of water during the day.


  • Explore the famous Pyramids of El Fayoum
  • Visit Hawara Pyramid
  • Visit the Pyramid of Lahun
  • Visit the Pyramid at Meidum
  • Learn about the evolution of building pyramids in Egypt

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Visit Hawara Pyramid
Visit Hawara Pyramid

You will be picked up from your hotel, Nile cruise or the airport by one of Gem Explore's Egyptologists. You'll have a road trip to El Fayoum which is 145 KM away from Cairo. When you arrive, you will visit Hawara Pyramid. Which is an archaeological site of Ancient Egypt, south of the site of Crocodilopolis at the entrance to the depression of the Fayoum oasis. It is the site of a pyramid built by the Pharaoh Amenemhat III in the 19th century BC.

Visit the Pyramid of Lahun
Visit the Pyramid of Lahun

Next you will visit the Pyramid of Lahun. Like the other Twelfth Dynasty pyramids in the Faiyum, the Pyramid of Lahun is made of mudbrick, but here the core of the pyramid consists of a network of stone walls that were infilled by mudbrick. This approach was probably intended to ensure the stability of the brick structure.

Visit the Pyramid at Meidum
Visit the Pyramid at Meidum

Next, 25 Km away, you will see the pyramid at Meidum. It is thought to be just the second pyramid built after Djoser's and may have been originally built for Huni, the last pharaoh of the Third Dynasty, and continued by Sneferu. Because of its unusual appearance, the pyramid is called el-heram el-kaddaab — (Pseudo Pyramid) in Egyptian Arabic.

Lunch and Drop off

Finally, you will have lunch at a local restaurant then escorted back to Cairo and dropped off at your requested location.

  • Expert tour guide
  • Entry fees + Taxes and Services
  • Transfers by air-conditioned Vehicle
  • Water during the day
  • Lunch
  • Tipping
  • Personal Shopping
  • Additional Fees

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Cairo, Egypt


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